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Foster Interstate has a national reputation for innovation and the implementation of successful outdoor advertising programs that deliver substantial revenues and a host of public benefits through intelligently planned and architecturally designed outdoor advertising displays.

city of Chicago

Foster Interstate created a public-private partnership with the City of Chicago and JCDecaux to develop the first large-scale digital billboard network on public land in the United States. The Chicago Digital Network serves as an emergency broadcast system for Amber Alerts, weather, and public service messages, and will generate a projected $275 million for the City of Chicago.


Oakland army base

Foster Interstate developed the Oakland Army Base Signage Project located at the eastern base of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.  The project consists of ten iconic displays, six digital and four static.  A portion of the revenue from the displays benefits the West Oakland Community Fund and a job-training center to help Oakland residents learn skills needed to work at the logistics center.

Oakland international airport

Foster Interstate constructed five freestanding, architecturally designed, spectacular displays and four large-format wallscapes at the Oakland International Airport in partnership with the Port of Oakland. These high-impact displays are located at one of the fastest growing airports in the nation, drawing more than 13 million passengers plus six million visitors annually.

Hegenberger Entry.jpg

city of
la palma

In partnership with the City of La Palma, Foster Interstate designed, permitted, constructed, and operated two double-sided digital signs adjacent to SR-91. Completed in 2018, the City receives guaranteed annual rent for each sign.

Oakland Coliseum

Foster Interstate developed seven spectaculars alongside I-880 to complete the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Complex's entertainment feel and increase revenue for the City of Oakland and Alameda County. The project required four levels of government approvals: local, county, state, and federal, and led to one of the most uniquely designed projects the outdoor advertising industry has ever seen. These spectaculars, including entry gates and kiosks, were designed by Ian Birchall, formerly of Rockwell Group, who incorporated architectural elements of the arena into the sign structures.

Bay Bridge Sign 1.jpg

San Francisco Oakland 
Bay Bridge

 Foster Media, in partnership with Outfront Media, constructed the first digital display in the San Francisco Bay Area located at the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza.  This sign provides revenue to the Port of Oakland and also benefits the Fox Theater and the Oakland School for the Arts.

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